About Us

Our Mission

GA Dental Staffing, is a specialized dental staffing company in Atlanta Georgia that provides a pool of dental professionals with experience and dedication to excellence. At GA Dental Staffing, LLC., we are committed to providing dedicated staffing. All of our candidates are evaluated to ascertain both current and unblemished license and training and certifications.

About Us

GA Dental Staffing is located in Atlanta Georgia, however we are not limited to where we staff our dental professionals. We are expanding in other States in the near future. We help provide opportunities for dental personnel. Our company's motto: Connecting good people with good companies. Our staff has been in the field for more than 25 years, and we have the knowledge and skills to ensure that you have the right dental candidate in place. Owned and operated by a pool of Dental professionals our goal is to provide you with quality and excellence.

How We Help You

We screen our candidates, ensuring that you have the right candidate with the skills and knowledge that every dental office is seeking. We train our staff on customer service etiquette, our  candidates we send out is aware that patients are the most important people in the office.

Quality Service

Our clients appreciate that we are organized, and the people we send to them are trained professionals with excellent customer service skills. In addition, the dentists we help appreciate the services we provide for them.