Dental Consulting

GA Dental Consultant Agency

Will provide comprehensive in-office consultation before we begin working with your Dental Practice. It’s imperative for us to understand where you are presently, before we can help you get to where you would like to be. We are not an over the phone, log me in Consultant Agency! We’re hands on! We will be present when you need us. You will have your own personal consultant from our team.

When you choose to work with GA Dental Consultant Agency for your practice, you’re making the right decision, because our team has many years of dental experience shared with the very uppermost level of integrity. We will develop a strong relationship with you and your staff. Our motivation is your success.

Our Specialty

New Practice Start-up, Dental Practice Consulting, Dental Practice Management, General, Pediatric Dentistry Consulting, Pedo, Buy or Sell a Practice! Build-out, Remodeling or Expansion of your practice.

You and your dental team will learn the essential skills to communicate more effectively, seek greater profitability, improve ROI on marketing efforts and in turn, make your practice vision a reality.

  • Stay Ahead of  The Competition
  • Attract New Patients
  • Increase Patient Retention and Referrals
  • Run your Practice as an Efficient, Successful Business
  • Experience a Highly Motivated Team supporting the Growth of your Practice
  • Enjoy Increased Profits with Less Work and Less Stress
  • Expose your Practice to Social Media, Stronger Marketing Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Increase Case Acceptance
  • Evaluate Staff Performance, Position & Strength

Are you concerned:

  • Your overhead is higher than 55-65%
  • Your accounts receivables are higher than 60% of your monthly production
  • The number of quality new patients are low
  • Cancellations and failures are an issue
  • Your schedule is crazy but not productive
  • Your cash flow needs help
  • Your staff Lack of Communication skills
  • Your practice is doing well but could do better- fine tuning?
  • Your team doesn’t take ownership for the practice and are not motivated to go that extra mile
  • You want to practice dentistry, but the management aspect of your practice is stressful


We are a dedicated team of consultants, with over 30 years or more experiences combined. Our Motivation is your success. We will also point out area of concerns, you may have overlooked. We will analyze and diagnose what is going on in your dental office at present, we help you understand what works and what doesn’t. Then we give recommendations based on what your office is doing. Our team will focus on, your location, your marketing, your staff situation, all the things which hinders, your production, your profitability, your associates and hygienists, your success is our motivation. We feel very confident our team will help you get to where you need to be.

Call Today for your Analysis.