Virtual Dental Scheduling Services

What is Virtual Dental Scheduling Services, and does your office need our assistance?

Having a Virtual Dental Scheduler may be the answer to saving time and expenses in your dental practice.

Who are we?

We are experienced Office Managers with 15-30 years experience working in the dental field. We have successfully managed Private practices and corporations. We are Qualified Managers, Regional Managers and dedicated dental professionals.

The Dental industry is changing.

Please, don't get left behind. Consolidations and acquisitions are leading to private practices, groups and especially corporation  practices, which is on the rise, and PPO's are estimated to be 70% to 80% of all insurance plans. These changes in insurance coverage are creating more administrative paperwork with less reimbursement. In addition, patients are now relying on their dental practice to understand their individual insurance plan and patient estimated portion amounts. This can take a toll on small dental practices, group and corporations.

This also adds pressure and time on the dental office staff to contact patient's insurance company before potential patient arrives in your facility.

Does your Dental Practice need Virtual Scheduling Services?

According to research reports, amidst the Covid-19 crisis the virtual scheduling services market worldwide is expected to grow by a projected $6.6 Billion. A Virtual Dental Scheduler caters to the modern-day dental professionals who look for rapid results, efficiency in operations and have a keen eye for both long- and short term results.

You need a virtual scheduler if you experience any of the things listed below:
  • A growing list of un resolved insurance claims that are over 90 days old.
  • Unscheduled patients who are due for dental hygiene appointments or have outstanding treatment plans
  • Phone calls not being answered in a timely manner
  • Cannot complete tasks on time but can't afford hiring an additional staff member
  • A low treatment acceptance rate as patients don't have the insurance benefit information to make an informed decision about their treatment

We are not added team members; but are professionals with notable experience in dental office functions. Our team will provide professional administrative support to dental practices from remote locations.

What will we do for your Practice?

    • Patient intake
    • Scheduling new patients and patients of records
    • Insurance verification
    • Dental Billing
    • Answer phone calls
    • Insurance submission and follow-up on current and outstanding claims
    • Schedule Patient follow-up appointment
    • Assist to help reduce administrative processing time
    • Provide adequate insurance support to get claims processed and paid promptly
    • Remain updated with dental claim status.
    • Verify all social, demographic and clinical data, consent forms, health insurance forms and payments from both existing and new patients, prior to their consultation.
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Benefits your office will receive when using Virtual Dental Scheduler

  • Fewer staffing headaches and re-training.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • More efficient level of services.
  • We are not interrupted by patients or phone calls.
  • Saving on operating costs (no need for additional computers and equipment).
  • Verifications are done before the point of services outlining patient's out of pocket costs.

*This allows for collection while they are in the office.

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One of the top Benefits of hiring Virtual Dental Scheduler

You are hiring a specialist with expertise in the specific area. This means there is very limited costs involved in training and the Dental Scheduler can hit the ground running. Using our services, allows the in-office team, time to primarily focus on patient care whereas other time consuming tasks can easily completed behind the scenes by the Virtual Dental Scheduler.

Whether you want to delegate the majority of your dental front office administrative work, or just a part of it, you could increase practice profitability by outsourcing our virtual dental assistance services.